Managing multiple ProcessKit accounts

Need to manage and easily switch between multiple, separate, ProcessKit accounts?  No problem!

This is often useful if you run multiple businesses, or need to fully separate different departments in your organization, each with its own set of processes, projects, and people who've been given access.

Adding multiple accounts

If you've already created your first account, you can add additional accounts by opening the pull-down menu at the top and clicking "Add an Account".

You will be prompted to give this new account a name.  Once created, it will be added to your list of accounts that you have access to.  You won't need to create a separate user login for each one.  You can switch between your multiple accounts when you're logged in (see "switching between accounts" below).

Every new account you create will start with a trial period and you can see how much time remains on it at the top of the app when you're inside that account.

Billing for multiple accounts

Each account is billed separately, has its own trial period, billing cycle renewal date, and billing amount based on your plan and user count for each account you own.

You can manage the billing for each account from within each account's settings (Account Settings > Billing).  Here you can specify a different billing credit card for each account, if you'd like.

Switching between your accounts

If you've created multiple accounts, or if you've been invited to access multiple accounts, then you will see all of your accounts listed on your Accounts page.  

From the pull-down menu at the top, click "Switch Accounts" to switch between your multiple accounts.

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