Organizing processes into groups

When you have many processes, to better organization, you can use Process Groups.  Processes can belong to multiple groups and you can filter your list of processes by group.

Create your Process Groups

  1. Go to your "Processes" by clicking that link in the app navigation at the top-left
  2. Under "Groups" click "New Process Group"
  3. Give the group a name, then click "Create Process Group".
  4. Repeat to add additional groups.

Put your processes into groups

  1. In your list of processes, find the process you want to place into a group.
  2. Click the "..." then click "Manage Groups..."
  3. Select any group(s) from the list.  You will see a checkmark next to the ones you've selected.

Filter your list of processes by group

When viewing your list of processes, in the "Groups" list on the left, click any group name to filter your list of processes by that group.

You can click multiple group names to filter by multiple groups.  You will see a checkmark next to the ones you're filtering by.

To go back to viewing all processes from all groups, click the "show all" link.

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