How to integrate ProcessKit with Zapier

Access ProcessKit on Zapier

You can use ProcessKit's zapier integration in your Zapier account simply by searching for "ProcessKit" when building your Zap(s).  Or, you can find ProcessKit's listing in Zapier's directory here.

Once you've accessed ProcessKit in your Zapier account, you can use it as either a "trigger" or an "action" in your Zaps.  Links to all our how-to guides and videos are at the bottom of this page.

Connecting your ProcessKit account to Zapier

In ProcessKit, open the menu at the top-right corner, then click "Integrations".  

On your "Integrations" page is where you can obtain your ProcessKit API key.  Note:  If you belong to, or own multiple ProcessKit accounts, your one API Key would be used to connect to any of them.  Click the API key to select it, then click "Copy" to copy it to your clipboard.

In Zapier, while creating a Zap and using ProcessKit as a trigger or action, Zapier will prompt you to connect your ProcessKit account.  Proceed with those instructions.  It will ask you to input your ProcessKit API key.  Paste the key that you copied from ProcessKit, then save.

To confirm that the connection is working, you can click "Test" in Zapier, and you should see the green success signal.

Now you can use your ProcessKit account in any of your Zaps!

How-to Zapier guides

For the full list of capabilities of the ProcessKit Zapier integration, complete with video documentation, see all of our Zapier guides here.

Advanced Zapier Recipes

For a few more advanced and common use cases and step-by-step recipes for things you can do with ProcessKit + Zapier, be sure to check out our free course, Process Automation.  Find the links to those Zapier Recipe lessons here.

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