Commenting & mentioning other users

Any person can leave comments on a project, as well as on individual tasks in a project.  You can also @mention other team members so they can be notified.

All comments on a project—both project-level and step-level comments—always display in the project-level activity feed.  Step-level comments will indicate which step those comments were associated with.

Leave a comment on the project

To leave a project-level comment, simply input your comment in the comment box at the top of the project, in the "activity" stream.

Leave a comment on a task in a project

Sometimes you want to leave a comment on an individual task in a project.

To do that, go to the step, click to "open" that task, then click the comment icon to open up the activity tab on that task.  Use the comment box here to leave a step-level comment.

The task-level comment will be shown here in this step's activity stream, as well as up in the project-level activity stream.

Need to leave a comment at the same time you're completing a task?  Do that in a single click by clicking "Comment & Complete".

Edit or delete a comment

You can always edit or a delete a comment that was authored by you.  Simply hover over that comment to reveal the "edit" and "delete" links at the bottom of the comment.

If you add a @mention to a comment while updating it, that person will receive a notification about the updated comment containing their mention.

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