Setting start dates and due dates on tasks

You can optionally set a start date and/or a due date on individual tasks on a project.

You can also use date rules in your processes to automatically calculate and automatically adapt start and due dates on tasks.  More on using date rules here.

When a task has a start or due date set, and that step has anyone assigned to it, then those people will receive email notifications when that step is set to start or complete.

Setting a start date and/or due date on a task

  1. Open up any project (or create one)
  2. Go to this project's tasks (or add or create a task list on this project)
  3. Go to a task in the task list.  Click to "open" the task, then click the "calendar" icon to open up the dates pane on this task.
  4. Here you can view the start or due date, and click to edit those.
  5. Once you've added or changed a date, click the "Update" button to save it.

Removing a start or due date from a task

When editing a start or due date, you will see a small "x" to the right of the saved date and time.  Click that to clear the field.  

Then click "Update" to save.

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