Archive a project

Need to remove a project from view, but don't want to permanently delete it?  Archive it!

To archive a project, click the "..." to open the settings dropdown on that project, then click "Archive".  If the project is archived, that same link will read "Reactivate".

When a project is archived...

When a project is archived, you will see the red notice across the top indicating that it is archived.  When viewing the project list, you will also see a red "Archived" label on it.

Archived projects...

  • Can be viewed—including all details, processes, steps, and activity history.
  • Cannot be edited or changed
  • Cannot have process steps completed or changed
  • Cannot have new comments posted
  • Can be reactivated or permanently deleted.

How to access and/or reactivate archived projects

When you have at least one archived project, when you're viewing your list of projects, you will now see a small dropdown labeled "Show".  Click this to switch between showing your list of active or archived projects.

When viewing your list of archived projects, you can click into each one to view its details.  

You can click "reactivate" on an archived project to send it back to your list of active projects.

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