Create your ProcessKit account(s)

First time using ProcessKit?  You can sign up for your account here.

Already have a ProcessKit account and want to add another one?  Log into ProcessKit and then from the pull-down menu at the top-right, go to "Add an account".

Your Account Name

When you create your account, you will be prompted to give it a name.  This is usually the name of your company or organization.  This name will be visible to you and your team in various places throughout the app.

You can change your account anytime by going into your Account Settings > General Settings.

Trial Period

Every new ProcessKit account starts with a free trial period.  You can see how much time is remaining on your trial at the top of the app.

Once your trial period has expired, you will be prompted to choose a billing plan.  Once your plan is activated, you can continue using ProcessKit.

Been busy and need a few extra days to try out ProcessKit?  No problem!  Just reach out and we'll happily grant a trial extension.

New to ProcessKit? Sign up for a free trial here
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