Introduction to Boards

Boards in ProcessKit are how you can organize projects that follow a common use case and common process(s).  They're designed to be configured to use whatever terminology you use to refer to things in your operation.

By default, your ProcessKit comes with one board already created for you, called "Projects".  Within this board, you can create individual "projects".  This first board can be useful for general-purpose and miscellaneous projects.  Or, you can rename it and configure it to be used for a more specific use case.

Creating and Configuring a Board

When you create a new Board (or edit one), there are two primary attributes that you can customize:

The Board Title:

Most of the time, this title should be plural, and it should describe the type of things that this board will be used for.  

Examples of good board titles would be:  "Customer Onboardings", "Sales Deals", "Blog posts", "Monthly Reports".

Single Item Label:

Next, you will want to customize the single item label.  This should be singular.  This is how you will refer to individual projects that will be run inside this board.

For example, in your "Sales Deals" board, you'd make the single item label, "Deal".  In your "Blog posts" board, you'd make the single item label "Blog post".

Once these attributes are saved, when you're inside your "Sales Deals" board, for example, you will see a button to create a new "Deal", and you will see your list of "Deals".  

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