See a birds-eye-view of all work in ProcessKit

Here are all the ways you can view all the work that's happening in ProcessKit from a birds-eye-perspective:

View Everything in one place

To see everything, open the menu at the top-right corner, then click "See Everything".  Here you'll find 3 views:

  • All Projects — Spanning all boards.  Sortable and filterable.
  • All Task Lists — Spanning all projects, all boards.  Sortable by their progress.
  • All Tasks — Spanning all task lists, all projects, all people, all boards.  Sortable by start or due date.

Want to change the name of your "Everything" view to something else, like "All Work"?  You can!  Open the settings dropdown on these views, then click "Edit".

Note:  Only Owners, Administrators, and Contributors can see the "Everything" view.

View by Board

Go to your individual "Boards" to see all projects of the same type.  For example, "show me all website projects" or "show me all of our podcast episodes".  These views can be sorted and filtered by various criteria like Tags, Clients, active vs. archived, etc.

View by Person

Go to your "People" and view a single person.  Here you will see the list of projects that person is on, along with all of the tasks that person is assigned to.  These are sortable and filterable.

Note:  Only Owners and Administrators can view other team members.  Everyone else can only view themselves.

View by Client

Go to your "Clients" and view a single client.  Here you will see tabs for each board that this client has projects in.  These are filterable and sortable.

Or, you can use the Boards view or Person views and filter those projects lists by Client.

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