Adding sub checklists (sub tasks) on tasks

Each step in a process, or task in a task list, has a big checkbox.  This is used to mark the task as complete or incomplete.

But sometimes, within the details of a single task, you'd like to add a set of smaller, sub tasks that can be checked off as well.  Here's how to do that:

  1. Edit the step or task and open up it's content tab (the first tab, where the description goes).
  2. Click to add a new block to this task.
  3. Select the "Checkboxes" block type.
  4. Give this set of a checkboxes a label. This shown above the set of checkboxes.
  5. Add the checkboxes and give each a label.
  6. Optional — Make any of the checkboxes checked by default.

Now the task contains a sub checklist that users can check off when viewing the task.

For the full documentation on adding blocks and all different types of form fields to your tasks, click here.

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