Inviting & managing people

When you need to invite or manage people in your account, head over to the "People" section, using the menu at the top-left.

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Inviting people

To send an invitation, click the "Invite Someone" button.

Enter their email address and select the permission level.  Click here to see the differences between each permission level.

They will receive an email invitation.  When they click the link inside that email, they will be prompted to set their password and complete their profile details.

Re-sending an invitation

Assuming you've sent someone an invitation, but they haven't yet accepted it, then that person's listing on your People page will contain a "Re-send invitation" button.  You can click that to send another copy of the invitation email to that person's email address.

If you don't see the "Re-send invitation" button on a Person you've invited, then it could be for any of the following reasons.

  • The person has already accepted the invitation (clicked the link and set their password).  
  • The person was already a ProcessKit user with access to other ProcessKit account(s).  If this is the case, then when you invite this person to your ProcessKit account, they will be instantly added and they won't need to accept the invitation.  As soon as they log into ProcessKit, they should see your account listed among the accounts that they have access to it.

If a user you've invited is having trouble logging into ProcessKit, you can direct them to reset their password.

Cancelling an invitation

If you've sent someone an invitation, they haven't accepted it yet, and you need to cancel this invitation, you can click "cancel" on that person's listing on your People page.

This will ensure that if that person clicks the link in the invitation email that was previously sent to them, it will be invalid and they won't be able to be added to your account.

If you don't see a "cancel" link on a person's listing in your People account, then it means:

  • That person has already accepted the invitation you sent them
  • That person was already a ProcessKit user (with access to other ProcessKit accounts) and when you invited them, they were instantly added to your ProcessKit account.

Removing a person from your account

When you need to remove a person from your account, go to People page, find that person, click the "..." pull-down menu, and click "Remove person".

When you remove a person from your account, they will no longer be able to access your account.  

Any previous activity by that person (comments, process activity, projects or processes created by that person) will not be deleted.  Those will remain intact.

If this person was assigned to any steps in processes, those assignments will be removed when this person is removed.

When a person is removed from your account, they will no longer count towards your people count in regards to your account's billing.

User count and account billing

Each person you've invited to your account, and who has logged-in at least once to ProcessKit, counts as a user in your account.  This means they count towards the number of users included in your ProcessKit billing plan.

Removing a person from your account will reduce your account's people count and may reduce your account's billing amount, depending on your plan.

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