Copy a process to a task list (manually)

To run real-time tasks (a.k.a. to-dos for you and your team to work on), you'll create these inside your projects.

Tasks are organized into Task Lists.  Your Task Lists can be copies made from your process templates or they can be one-off task lists that you create on the fly.  For anything repeatable and process-driven, obviously, we recommend using your processes :) 

How to (manually) copy a process to a task list

  1. Go to your "Boards" (get here from the navigation in the top-left corner)
  2. Enter one of your Boards
  3. Create a new project within a Board
  4. Create a new Task List
  5. Select one of your processes then click "Copy to Task List"

Now you have a real list of tasks, built from your process template, and it's ready to be checked off and tracked!

How to ( automatically) copy a process to a task list

Using your processes should be automatic.  Click here to see how you can automatically copy the right process on the right projects by customizing your boards.

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