Project-level Permissions

You can manage the visibility of individual projects so that only certain people are able to see them.

Read below for the full details on how project permissions work, or watch this video to see how they work:

Making a project "Members only"

Projects can have be either "Members only" or visible to everyone in your ProcessKit account.  By default, new projects are visible to everyone.

You can set a project's visibility setting from one of two places:

  • When initially creating a new project, you can change it from "Everyone" (default) to "Members..."
  • After a project is created, you can change its visibility setting by going to the project's settings ("..." dropdown at the top-right), then click "Manage access..." then choose "Everyone" or "Members...".  You must click the "Update" button so that this change will take effect.

Once a project has been made "Members only", you will see the list of people and their avatars listed at the top of the project.  This shows you who is able to see and access this project.  If a person is not listed here, then they cannot see or access the project.

Note:  If the board in which a project resides is set to members-only, then all of the projects inside this board will always be members-only and only visible to those members.  If you don't see the option to change a project's visibily, back out to the board level and set the board's visibility setting to "Everyone".  This would enable you to set this board's project's visibility individually.

Adding members to a project

When a project is set to "Members only", you can make people members of a project in a few different ways.

  • Click the "+" at the top, then select people from your account who you wish to make members of this project.
  • Assign someone to a task in a process on this project.  If they weren't already a member of the project, then they will be automatically added as a member when they are assigned to a task in this project. (you can prevent this behavior, see below)
  • Apply one of your process templates, one that has people pre-assigned to tasks.  If those people weren't already members of this project, then they will be made members when you apply that process in this project. (you can prevent this behavior, see below)

Removing members from a project

When a project is set to "Members only", you can remove members from a project by clicking the list of members, then unchecking their name.

Note:  You won't be able to remove a member if:

  • That member is currently assigned to any tasks in process(s) on this project.  You'll need to unassign them from all tasks before you can remove them as a member of this project.
  • You are the only member of a project.  There must always be at least one member in a project.

You can remove yourself from a project, as long as there is at least one other person besides you who is a member of that project.

Preventing automatic adding of members on a project

By default, when a project has process(s) and you assign someone to a task in a project's process, then that person will be automatically added as a member of this project.

The same is true when creating a new project.  If the project type setting calls for process(s) to be pre-loaded into a project using that type, and the process template(s) have steps that pre-assign people, then those people will be automatically added as members of the project when it is created.

If you want to prevent this behavior, uncheck the box for "Assigning a person to a task will make them a member of this project.".

  • If checked (default), then when a person is assigned to a task they will be made a member of this project automatically.
  • If unchecked, then process tasks can only be assigned to people who are already members of this project.

When this setting is unchecked, then the following will be true:

  • When you apply a process template to a project, task pre-assignments will happen only if those people were already members of the project.
  • When you want to manually assign a person to a task on a project, only those people who are already members of the project will be available to be assigned.

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