Find a Project to Update via Zapier

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

Finding a Project to update

Many of the "actions" you can perform would need to happen on an existing project.  There are two ways a project can be accessed:

  • If the project was created in a previous step in this Zap, then that project creation step will output the Project ID of the project that was created.  You would use that Project ID when identifying which project to update in a subsequent step in this Zap.  
  • If the project already exists by the time this Zap runs, and you want to find it so that this Zap can make updates to it, then you can place a "Find a Project" action before the subsequent actions that will update that found project.

Using the "Find a Project" action

To find an existing project that already exists by the time this Zap runs, insert a "Find a Project" action in the Zap chain.

Enter the title of the project you want to search your ProcessKit account for.  

Note:  The text you enter here must exactly match the title of the project you want to find.  Be careful not to include extra spaces or misspellings.  While it shouldn't be case sensitive, it's a good idea to match the case as well.

Create a Project if one wasn't found

Optionally — If the project title your "Find a Project" step searches for is not found, then you can have Zapier create a new project by that title.

To turn this behavior on, check the box for "Create a ProcessKit project if one doesn't exist yet?".  After checking that box, additional options will appear for you to configure the project creation.

Accessing the Project ID in subsequent steps

Once a project was either created or found in a previous step in your Zap, you'll want want access that project in subsequent steps so that you can do things to it (update its fields, create tasks on it, apply a tag to it, etc.).

Those subsequent actions will include a "Project ID" field.  You'll need to specify that the Zap should use the Project ID that comes as the output from a previous step.  

For example, here is what the "Update a Project" action looks like when you select the Project ID that was output from a previous "Find a Project" step:

Similarly, if you want to access the Project ID of a project that was created in a previous step in this Zap, then you would get that from under the "Create a Project" header in the Project ID dropdown.  Here is a look at what that "Update a Project" step looks like when you're accessing a Project ID from a project created in a previous step in this Zap:

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