Using ProcessKit as a “trigger” in Zapier

Once you have connected your ProcessKit account to your Zapier Account, you can build Zaps that are triggered when something happens in ProcessKit.

The two ProcessKit events that can trigger a Zap in Zapier are:

  • When a new project has been created in ProcessKit
  • When a task has been marked as complete
  • When a project has changed (including its dates, fields, client, tags, board, kanban, etc. have changed)

The event data that gets passed into Zapier (and can be used in subsequent steps in the Zap) will include the Project ID and Board ID. 

If the trigger is a task being completed, then it will also pass along the Task ID and the Task List ID.

For more info on all of the various “actions” in ProcessKit that can be initiated from Zapier, click here

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