Trigger a Zapier Zap when a project has changed

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

You can make things that happen in ProcessKit be the "trigger" for your Zapier zaps.  In addition to triggering Zaps when a task has been marked complete, and when a new project is created, you can also trigger Zaps when a project has been updated (changed).

This article will show you how to configure a Zapier Zap to be triggered when a project has been changed.

First, set up your Zapier Zap's trigger to be ProcessKit, and then select "A Project is Updated".

How to filter your Zap so it only triggers when certain things change on a project

Need to set up your Zap so that it only proceeds when a specific attribute of a project has been changed?  No problem!  Here's how to do that:

  1. Set up the Zap trigger using "A Project is Updated" as shown above.
  2. In the 2nd step in the Zap, choose "Filter" by Zapier.
  3. Set up the Filter to "Only continue if" the "Updated Columns" attribute from ProcessKit trigger, "Contains", and then type in the exact project attribute that you want to filter by.  See the list below for the exact attribute names that you can input here (or you can view your test data from the ProcessKit updated project trigger in Zapier, which will include all of the available attributes while you're testing).

Project attributes that can trigger a Zapier Zap when changed

As of this writing, these are the attributes on a project that, when changed, can trigger a Zapier Zap.  Noted in bold, beside each one is the exact attribute name that you can use when setting up a filter in your Zap:

  • title   The project's title has changed.
  • start_date - The project's start date/time has changed.
  • end_date - The project's end date/time has changed.
  • notes - The project's notes (description) have changed.
  • client_id - A client has been added, changed, or removed from the project.
  • tags - A tag has been added or removed from the project.
  • board_id - The project has moved from one board to another.
  • kanban_list_id - The project has been moved from one kanban list to another.
  • kanban_list_position - The project has been moved to a different position within a kanban list.
  • custom field - When any custom fields on a project have been changed, those fields can be filtered.  Just filter by their exact field label.

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