Assigning people to clients

In ProcessKit, you can associate or assign people to clients.  This can useful if you assign certain team members to work on specific client accounts.  

Or, if you invite contacts from your client companies as guests in ProcessKit, you can associate those guests with clients in ProcessKit as well.

Assign people to a client

  1. View any client, then open the settings dropdown.
  2. Click "Assign people..." then select the people you want to associate with this client.

You will see the avatars of each assigned person at the top of the page when viewing a client.  These will also be shown on the client listing.

Viewing a person's clients

In the "People" section, you can view any person and find the list of clients that this person is assigned to.

Filtering clients by people

In the "Clients" section, when viewing your list of clients, you can use the "People" dropdown to filter the list of clients by those people who are assigned to them.

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