Create a Client + Project via a single Zapier Zap

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

Using ProcessKit's Zapier integration, you can use a single Zap to do all of the following, automatically:

1.  Trigger:  A form submission (via any forms tool, or a purchase form, etc.)

2.  Find or Create a Project in ProcessKit.  

  • In this action, you can select which board the project should be created in.  This board can determine which process(s) and custom project field(s) are preloaded on the project.  
  • You can also fill in project fields in this step as well.  However, for personal information or other client-specific information, we recommend storing those in custom client attribute fields on the Client (which you will do in the next step).  This way, you can carry that data into all future projects for this client, instead of storing that data on just this one project.

3.  Find or Create a Client in ProcessKit.  

  • While you're at it, you can fill in custom client attribute fields here.

4.  Update a Project

  • Use the Project ID from step 2 in this zap (the project that was created)
  • Update the Client on this project using the "Custom" tab, then select the Client ID that came out of step 3 in this Zap

Result:  Whenever this Zap runs, it will create a new project, and a new client, and associate that client on the newly created project.

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