View a team member's current task list and activity

Need a view any of your teammate's current workload, including their current task assignments, projects, and activity history?

Easy!  Get to this view the "People" section, found in the main navigation on the left.  (hint:  You can view the same for yourself too!)

Note:  You must have a permission level of "Owner" or "Administrator" in order to view other users' tasks and activity.  If you're a "User" then you'll be able to view yourself, but not others.

From the "People" list, you can click into any person to view their work in your ProcessKit account.  On a person's page, you'll find 3 tabs:


A list of all projects that that person is a member on.  Someone is a member of a project when they've been added to a project, or they've been assigned to a task in a process on that project.

By default, this list of projects includes only active ones, but you can switch to viewing archived projects as well.


In the "Tasks" tab is where you'll find a list of all tasks that are currently assigned to this person.  A task is a step within a process, which lives on a project.  If they are assigned to that task, then it will show up in their tasks list.

By default, this view shows only incomplete tasks, but you can switch to viewing completed tasks or a mix of both incomplete and complete.  Your browser will remember the state that you left it next time you return to this view.

By default, your tasks will be ordered by their due date, with those due soonest listed at the top.  You can toggle and sort by their start dates or titles as well.

Note:  If you don't have visibility into a project due to it's member permissions, then you won't see this project, its tasks, or any activity associated with this project when viewing another team member.


In the "Activity" tab is where you'll see the history of all actions that this person has done across all projects in your ProcessKit account.  It includes comments they've posted, and tasks they've completed or marked incomplete, among other actions.

Each event in their activity links to the project and/or step (task) that is associated with it.

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