Associating clients with projects

Once you've created clients, you can associate them with projects and people.

Associating clients with projects

Associating a client with a project helps to organize your projects by client, and provide clients' details readily available to your team when working projects for a client.

You can associate a client with a project in two ways:

  • When creating a new project, click "more settings", then select the client to associate with this new project.
  • When inside an existing project, open the settings menu, then click "Client...".  There you can associate a client, change a client, or remove the client association.

Once a project has been associated with a client, a new tab appears on the project's navigation, labeled with the name of the client.  View this tab to see all of that client's details and custom attributes.

Filtering your projects by client

There are two ways to see a list of projects filtered by a single client:

  • When viewing your list of projects within a board, use the "Client" filter to only show projects from select client(s).
  • Navigate to the client's page ("Clients" > click the client).  There, a tab for each board that has projects that this client is associated with will appear.  Click each tab to view those projects.

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