Kanban view

When viewing a Board's projects, you have the option to toggle between "List view" and "Kanban view".  Your web browser will remember which view you left off in each individual board, and will default to that view the next time you visit each board.

Kanban view organizes your projects into lists, where you can drag and drop projects from one list into another list.

By default, every Board's Kanban view comes with 3 kanban lists pre-created for you.  They're labeled "Incoming", "In progress", and "Complete".  You can rename these, delete them, or add new ones.

Adding a Kanban List

To insert a new Kanban list into your board, click the "+" icon, located on the right side of the kanban view.  Give the new list a label, then click "Create List".

As your number of kanban lists increases or decreases, the view will expand or contract to automatically adapt for optimal screen real estate.  Once you have 4 or more Kanban lists, the view adds a side scrolling mechanism.

Moving Kanban Lists left or right

Click the "..." to open a Kanban list's settings, then click "Move left" or "Move right" to reorganize its position within the kanban view.

Editing or deleting Kanban lists

To edit the name of a Kanban list, click the "..." to open the settings, then click "Edit", change the name and click "Update".  Two Kanban lists within the same board cannot share the same name.

To delete a Kanban list, click "..." then click "Delete".  If this Kanban list contains any projects, you will be prompted to select a different Kanban list to move all of those projects into once this Kanban list is deleted.

Moving projects across kanban lists

The simplest way to move a project from one Kanban list to another is to simply drag and drop that project.  You can also drag and drop to reorder projects within a Kanban list.  This order and list placement will be instantly saved automatically.

Using Task Actions to automatically move projects between Kanban lists

If a task has a Task Action for moving the project to a different Kanban list, then when this task has been marked complete, the project will be automatically moved to the kanban list that this Task Action calls for.

Note:  The Task Action for moving to different Kanban list will be ignored if any of the following are true:

  • The project currently resides in a different board than the one which contains the kanban list that the Task Action calls for.
  • The Kanban list that the Task Action calls for no longer exists (has been deleted).

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