Apply a tag to a project via Zapier

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

Apply a tag to a project via Zapier

You can use Zapier to apply a tag to a project.  

Optionally, if that tag doesn't exist your ProcessKit account yet, it can be created and applied to a project at the same time.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Have the Zap create a project or find an existing project
  2. Add a step to the Zap to "Apply a Tag to a Project"
  3. In that step, Access the Project ID from that project that was created or found.
  4. Use either the tag selection or specify the tag name
    • If the tag that you want to apply to the project already exists, then select it from the dropdown.  
    • If the tag does not exist at the time this zap runs, you can specify a name for the tag to be created.  This will result in both creating the new tag and applying it to the project.

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