Create a Project via Zapier

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

Create a Project in a Zapier action

One of the most commonly used Zapier actions is to have your Zap create a new project in ProcessKit.

In the 2nd step or later, after selecting ProcessKit as the app, select the "Create a Project" action.  

Configure the Board

After you've specified your ProcessKit account, the "Board" dropdown will populate with all of your Boards that exist in your ProcessKit account.

Every project in ProcessKit must reside inside one board, so you must select one here.

You can configure your boards in ProcessKit to automatically processes and fields on newly created projects inside this board.  For example, you can have process templates or custom fields automatically applied to new projects created within this board.  For more info about how to set up, click here.

In Zapier, after selecting the board for this new project, Zapier will automatically load in any custom fields that are currently set to preload on this board.  This enables you to send values to those custom fields when creating this new project via Zapier.

Configure the Project Title

For the title, you can use text that was output from a previous step.  For example, you might want to use the text from a Slack message or a CRM entry as the title for your new Project.  Perhaps you want to grab that text, then append something else to its title in ProcessKit.  This up to you.

Optional fields

Other fields that are optional, but which you can fill in at the time the project is created are:

  • Project description
  • Project start date
  • Project end date
  • Associate a client with this project

Creating tasks on a new project

There are two ways you have task lists and tasks automatically created on a new project:

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