Update a Project via Zapier

For instructions on how to access the ProcessKit Zapier integration, click here.  

You can also see instructions on using ProcessKit as an "action" and as a "trigger".

What the "Update a Project" zap action does

You can use Zapier to make updates to an existing project, or a project that was created in a previous step within this Zap.

The things that the "Update a Project" zap action can do are:

  • Change the project title
  • Change which board this project resides in
  • Set or change the project description
  • Set or change the project start date
  • Set or change the project end date
  • Associate a client with this project

If you want to do other things to the project, there are other Zap actions you can use instead of the "Update a Project" action.  Examples of things you'd use other types of actions for are:

How to update a project via Zapier

  1. Have the Zap create a project or find an existing project
  2. Add a step to the Zap to "Update a Project"
  3. In that step, Access the Project ID from that project that was created or found.
  4. Fill in any fields that you want to update values for.  Any that you leave blank will remain unchanged.

In order to reveal the custom fields, you must first select a board for this project.  Even if you don't intend to change the board for this project, you must still select the board in order to load into Zapier any custom fields that are currently set as preloaded fields on this board.

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